God Morning Lovely,

#TRANSPARENCY: At the start of the week the Lord dropped a word in my spirit in reference to my favorite portion of scripture which is Jeremiah 29:11. He then told me to stay right there. I will be referencing Jeremiah 29 for the remainder of this week. I endured a long, painful and darkly dark season for three years. So, when I speak about it, know that I know about it. I had to remind myself constantly that God had a plan for me on many tearful nights. I also had to recognize what I could do better to see His Glory! I hope and pray to help you avoid too many sorrowful nights by sharing my truths. When dark seasons hit, so do the opinions and advice of man. Many solutions are offered but only the godly will stand. Lovely, for every assignment there is answer. The question is, “will you listen?” For every action there is a consequence. YOU MADE A MISTAKE BUT YOU ARE NOT A MISTAKE. 

Lovely, understand that God’s promise doesn’t halt the result of sin but reverses it at the appointed time. TROUBLE DON’T LAST ALWAYS! The children of Israel were desperately awaiting the rebuilding of Jerusalem. They allowed their hearts to harden because their desire was promised but not timely. They clung to any word that was provided for hope.The Prophet Jeremiah was sent to assure them that they were believing false prophecy, would serve their time and then see God’s Glory. 

Lovely, don’t only cling to candy-coated prophecy. Sugar gets us up high but also keeps us low. Israel wanted things their way but for sin they had to pay. However, God was raising up leaders for the right time and rebuilding His covenant with man with the work of the cross. What we seek from God cannot compare to what He prepares for us. WAIT ON HIM WITH PERFECT AND PROUD PATIENCE!HE HAS A PLAN THAT IS WORKING FOR YOU! LIGHT IS ONLY APPRECIATED AFTER DARKNESS! WE ENCOUNTER DARKNESS TO RECOGNIZE LIGHT! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTS ARE NECESSARY FOR GLORY! DON’T BE CONSUMED BY YOUR SEASON BUT IN YOUR SESSION WITH GOD! YOU WILL ONLY COME THROUGH WITH YOUR EYES ON GOD! 

THIS IS SOMEBODY’S WORD! You know Him as the Good Shepherd but are refusing to be apart of his faithful flock. Our Perfect King speaks on our behalf and gets results. He knows and prays for you. YOU ARE COMING THROUGH BY THE POWER OF THE BLOOD! It is up to you to BELIEVE and RECEIVE!

PRAYER: FATHER, I come thanking You for the hardened hearts that will be tendered today. Thanking You for Your children that will choose Your way with changed minds. I thank You for the plans You maintain for Your children. Thank You for not treating us as our sins deserve. Thank You for moving mightily on our behalf even when we get in the way. Forgive us for choosing our way. Thank You for working all things together for our good. Thank You for the testimony that birthed out of our trouble for us and others. I declare we are not forgotten but forcibly found by Your merciful love. I declare grace is our portion. I declare we are functioning in our newness by the aid of the Spirit. 

I declare we are coming out of our dark seasons with a renewed heart and mind. I declare we have a new ear to hear for greater faith. I declare we will not repeat mistakes. I declare we will continually see and be an agent of the light. I declare You’re restoring our lives but mostly our hearts to You. I declare we have learned our lesson through Your blessing. Have Your way with our day as You move us out of the way in Jesus name I pray! We give You praise in advance believing that these things are so in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen, and Amen

Jeremiah 29, John 8, Romans 8 (Join the conversation! Review the scripture and share your interpretation!)