God Morning Lovely,

TRUTH: Our culture continually taints the significance of servitude. Those that wait on others are often looked down on. Therefore, few people take joy in serving others because they are on a dire mission to be served to prove their status. This world teaches us to fight for a spot at the top but pure people understand a bottom spirit yields peak experiences. Lovely, pray for and keep a servant’s no matter what. SERVANTS BECOME APART OF THE FAMILY! SERVANTS RECEIVE KINGDOM INHERITANCE! SERVICE IS LOVE LED. BE A LOVE SOLDIER! As believers, we must be careful to not get caught up in looking like the world. WE ARE KINGDOM PEOPLE! Jesus whom we follow was a servant despite His Deity. He endured much suffering as a King. Lovely, your flesh will, of course, fight a perceived lowly position, but we all wear invisible crowns. JUST LIKE OUR SAVIOUR! GLORY WILL BE REVEALED! His service made us apart of a Divine lineage and allows us to access an inheritance far greater than any riches of this world. The wealth, recognition, and influence of Abraham is available to every believer on Jesus Christ. Make it your life mission to be seen by God and not by man. In this world, you can be loved today and hated tomorrow but God grants perpetual prestige for those that are willing to work behind the scenes. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! MAY THE WORK OF YOUR HANDS ALWAYS HELP OTHERS SEE GOD! IT’S NOT ABOUT US, IT’S ABOUT JESUS! IMITATE HIM! SERVICE IS A KINGDOM CONCEPT! EMBRACE IT! BE A LOVE SOLDIER!

MARK 9: 33-37, LUKE 22: 24-30, 1 PETER 5: 1-7 (Join the conversation! Review the scripture and share your interpretation! YOUR THOUGHTS MATTER!)