PRAISE: Today’s encouragement and praise may be cliché but let’s thank God for being on time. For myself personally, I have been suppressing a little frustration because I know that I know I have prayed out good things and not only on my behalf. I have even forgotten somethings after praying them so long and passionately. However, lately I have realized they are coming to pass, and I just can’t stop praising Him. I AM PRAYING THESE BLESSINGS FORWARD TO YOU! STAY IN THE PLACE OF FAITH! Opportunities, healings, relationships, and understandings that I thought were far gone have manifested miraculously in a moment. WON'T HE DO IT! Lovely, I appreciated that I am only able to recognize these things because despite my feelings I kept my heart open heart to Divine possibilities. If I had relied on what was within distance of my sight, I would be a complete wreck. JUST KEEP FAITHING! LET THE HOLY SPIRIT KEEP YOU! I am gaining strength to wait on God more and more each day. If you think about it this should be effortless because God has waited on you too. We put our minds and hands on things before we even think to give it to God. We will discuss problems with family and friends before seeking counsel from the Lord. EXALT HIM FOR HIS PATIENT AND COMPASSIONATE WAYS! Lovely, please don’t let what you see in the natural cause you to not receive this. GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT! TIME WILL TEST YOUR FLESH! THIS TOO SHALL PASS! KEEP PRAYING AND THANKING! If by chance you have been wondering where God is, I assure you He is nearer than near, and His right hand is at work! SEE BY THE SPIRIT! RELEASE YOUR BLESSINGS WITH PRAISE! DON’T LET ONE PROBLEM SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Lastly lovely, it is my most fervent prayer that God show you sooner than soon that He has remembered you. I am believing that an answer to a way back prayer that will excite your heart, arrives expeditiously. I EXPECT BREAKTHROUGH FOR YOU! If you have enough faith to believe God will do just this, I CHALLENGE YOU TO BEGIN PRAISING NOW! REJOICE FOR A RIGHT NOW BLESSING BY THE WORKS OF HIS RIGHT HAND! GOD’S GOT A BLESSING WITH YOUR NAME ON IT! IT WILL ARRIVE AT THE PERFECT TIME! PRAISE HIM IN ADVANCE! EXHIBIT TENACIOUS THANKS!

PSALM 34, ISAIAH 40:1-10, 2 PETER 3: 8-9 (Join the conversation! Review the scripture and share your interpretation! YOUR THOUGHTS MATTER!)