God Morning Lovely,

MOTIVATION: A wise man once told me that amongst creation there is not one but rather many truths. The unfortunate part is that too often the diversities of truth keeps us divided. YOUR TRUTH MATTERS! DON’T LET IT MAKE YOU LONELY! HIDDEN TRUTH CREATES HIDDEN PRISON! For this reason, I serve and have fallen deeply in love with Jesus Christ because He accepts us all no matter what. Before Him, I am my most authentic self and remain guilt free. HIS TRUTH IS SUPERIOR TO ALL! HE WILL ALWAYS INCLUDE YOU! Many people miss out on the fullness of a relationship with God because they are not real with Him. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING FOR? TRUTH STRENGTHENS RELATIONS! There is nothing about you that Christ won’t relate to. He faced, endured and overcame everything in the world just for you. He is the only one who really deserves all of you. HE WILL HELP, HEAL AND CHANGE YOU! Lovely, if you want more of God, give Him more of you. Today, get before Him and give it all away. Reveal those thoughts and feelings you have been ignoring. Admit your mistakes. Tell Him your deepest secrets. HE WILL OFFER FORGIVENESS! HE WILL REVEAL HIS SECRETS! HE WILL OFFER COMFORT! HE WILL SEND REVELATION! HE WILL SEND STRATEGY! GET OUT OF YOUR WAY! GET INTO HIS PRESENCE! GET CLOSER TO GOD! ACCESS YOUR FREEDOM!

PSALM 145, ROMANS 8:1-4, PHILLIPIANS 3:1-4 (Join the conversation! Review the scripture and share your interpretation! YOUR THOUGHTS MATTER!)